Tuesday, February 7

#23. You're my eye candy

Hey guys!! Miss me? HEHEHEEHEHHEHEH! :$ First two days of official JC life, well last week was admin & orientation week so ya know.. :) Im in CG 12S25 but i heard that its not confirmed yet? /: My timetable is pretty ok since only Thursday is a late day but this is only for mass lecture week!! :@ Sat in for every lesson now except for project work! :O Fell asleep during econs because I only got five hours of sleep plus it was the last lesson which just nice happen to be after recess. /: Totally got caught and everyone looked at me. #notfunnysia I think that the chem lecturer talks at rocket speed. #nojoke Ended phy lecture twenty minutes early and I was totally a happygirl95. HEHEHEHEHEHEH!! :$ I have gotta start writing chinese summaries & also recap on my amaths basic. T_T ok, I know I'm boring you with my JC life but I think it's fun!! :p At least everywhere is air conditioned!! ^_^ Well, gonna post some photos i got from the net because I forgot to snap any in school. /: buhbye!!