Sunday, February 5

#22. JJ Orientation 2012. ♡♡

HELLO!! :D I just went to the BEST orientation ever!!! v(^_^v) Now I understand why people use to say that JJ has got one of the best orientation among all the JCs! #blessed I'm with the dear lovely OG3, that gave me a lot of wonderful memories plus definitely made the first week of my JC life an awesome and high one!! *\(^o^)/* Learnt a lot of super duper awesomely cute cheers and dances with include waka waka JJ, DJ got us falling in love again, five colours in her hair and a Malay song. HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!! :$ The last two listed above is a couple dance and the Malay song is our house dance's song. ☺☺ JJ Night was the highlight of the whole camp and seriously, it's clubbing all over again!! #nojoke To be honest, I was really sian at the thought of overnight camp but dayum I was wrong, it gave me more time to bond with my OG3 mates and also our lovely OGL, Izzah & Asyraf!!! :* :* I LOVE OG3!! ♡♡ Luckily I took some photos and all plus grabbed some from fb, can share with you guys my OG3 babes + dudes!! ^_^ Alright, so had a small birthday celebration for mum at night because I was too tired after we break camp. :p Anyway, I got into my SM05 combination which is H2 Chem Maths Econs H1 Phy! :D

Rebecca!! ♡♡


Billy Banja cheer! My love. HEHEHEEHEHEH! :$

Stephanie! ♡♡


Asyraf, Rebecca, Bryan & Terrence aka Ding Ren

Sweethearts!! ♡♡

Our group photo! ^_^

The girls with Izzah!

My timetable for mass lecture week. :O

Paper hearts time!

The boys with Asyraf!

Mask making time. :O

With luv, xoxo.