Monday, January 9

#15. Livin' La Vida Loca

OMG!! ☺☺ Hi guys!! Im alive & dayum im a free girl! :* Not meant to brag, but i got satisfying results, im happy for myself!! :D Can't decide on a JC or poly but yet two days ago i thought deciding on what to have for a midnight snack is hard. *shake head* Anyway, I have been working for the past few days and also will work there all the way to 15th at Expo Hall 4 Counter 30 with my afternoon shift partner KimChye & lunchmate Yunmei + Germaine together with ZhenDong. ^_^ Pretty fun to have such funny workmates and all yet at first i thought the job would be boring, ironic right!! My job scope is just to be the cashier and also logistics occasionally and basically, i am quite sure of the locations of all the clothings now and im 24/7 the one who runs to get the barcode for items. )-: Didn't get to take much photos this few days as im plain lazy. oppsie daisy. Ok, i know that many of you are curious of my results so imma post it below. ^_^ I know my sciences are like fucking cui la hor, but its a miracle i even pass given the state i was in at that time so im thankful and also the fact that i totally screw up both the paper two and not forgetting my history paper. *sighsigh* Im just happy for what i've got so now its just to see which course i get into after submitting my application form by 13th!! Wish me luck dearies, kthxbai. ♥♥

EL : B3
C.Hum : B3
EM : A2
AM : A1
Chem : C5
Phy : C6
MT : A2

L1R5 : 16
L1R4 : 11 & 13