Tuesday, January 31

#21. Do you remember me?

Hey guys!! ☺☺ it's like the wee hours of 31st now!! I have got to report to school, yes my school for the next few years, at 7.30 later on. #nojoke #yousiao shall do a short summary ok!! :-) went to fly kite with @PhoneNotLagging @ju_ith @kookgerl95 at bangala park on Friday and back to jurongville for guides with @PhoneNotLagging! ^_^ @ju_ith made me look like her twin but had to leave for her aunt's visit so i look damn stupid la hor. ): Had visiting done this weekend and tadahhh, got the text informing me of JJC. Hehehehehehehehehe!! :$ Headed out yesterday for school stuff hunt with @AwesomeZiWei Alissa. Got myself everything I need for now, a new bag and a new pair of shoes. *thumbs up* Orientation for a week then mass lecture for another, let's hope I survive! :I kthxbai.