Friday, January 27

#20. Nothing is impossible as long as you believer

Hey guys! o(^_^)o do you miss me? :p Headed out today with the intention to club, cheyy!! Just to sing at party world la with @ju_ith! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The price is really high during this period so changed plans and roamed around clementi. Met with @koolgerl95, initially with a movie in mind but continued roaming instead. LOL. #notfunnysia Had dinner at swensens with @LaiFongYin, miss that girl so much!! ☺♡ Headed home around 9 but went out to meet my dearest ShunJun after I showered . :* Got home after 12. /: Ok, so results out on Monday, lets wait and see what my future will be like!! ^_^ kthxbai.