Saturday, January 21

#18. I love you to the moon and back

Hihihi!! ♪( ´θ`)ノ Its late and im blogging from my phone once again thus the jumbled up photos, so sorry! )-: ok, to summarize la hor!! Went shopping at town the other day with @DoubleUPdoubleU Sherlyn and got my dress!! ^_^ 24/7 oversleeping so the meeting time was pushed back an hour or so. /: Met parents for dinner at yoshinoya. ^_^ spent quite a lot that day. *sinful* Packed my books ytd and dayum it weighs a ton but nono, I have yet to clear my files and my stuff on the floor which includes my buys and all the pressie. /: My room is like a rubbish dump la!! Kb, so bloody messy even for my standard can!! :@ My desk is filled with accessories and my secret corner under the desk is pack like shit. ): Went to visit my Maths tutor to thank him and all before I head to town today. :-) Met @koolgerl95 @Ju_ith @ChungKenny at town for flea but stopped by artease for milktea and as usual, due to @Ju_ith curiosity, we bought the mega cup and shared. ._. It's not really that big and all but just nice la. :-) Spent only 10bucks today even though I was so close to impulsive buying again but kinda happy that i can control myself! :D Had reunion dinner with my maternal relatives. :* kthxbai.

Can see my extension leh you know!! OMGOMG!! So happy so happy!! ^_^

Got this for 7bucks at flea and it's a shorts! I originally thought it was a skirt till I tried it on at home just now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!

Note the kitty catcat!! *meow*