Wednesday, January 18

#17. You reap what you sow

Hey peepo!! *\(^o^)/* Sorry if I neglected my blog for awhile, sad that work is over and all. ): Anyway!! I have got to admit that it has been a wonderful two weeks and it is a great start to 2012!! :* I treasure all my workmates and hope to work with them during the feb event but I know it won't work out if I get Ito JJC, so let's hope I can work on weekends! ^_^ Anyway, all the photos are on facebook so i selectively uploaded a few on my blog here! :p Love all my workmates ( @PhoneNotLagging @ahdonnng @Ernestongch @ChewMinXuan @GermaineJIEMIN @tweetchekwei @haeunice @gohjielin @OhJingKe @tmnturner @Chengceee @xXinYix @Clyeee @SuniFoo Shuyuan KimChye Junfang Joey Jason Charmaine Pearlyn Jingyi Yongsheng Guochuan etc.. )

Well, as work ended, my life goes on, went out to town ytd. Jalan around Orchard & Bugis with @AwesomeZiWei @HeyItsLihShain Sherlyn. (o^^o) Got quite a sum of good buys yet none of them were my new year clothings!! ( ohh nonono!! T.T ) But hey, i got my purple pink extensions after like a million years of whinning!! happygirl95 on the loose!! :*

Hope my two dear girls @Locklovez @f_cukyou do well in their interview tomorrow! :*
With luv, my baby dream catcher. xoxo