Friday, January 13

#16. Work hard, play hard

Ohhhhmigosh!! o(^▽^)o Friday the 13th. Sent in my twelve choices last night!! ^_^ will post a photo of it kays? My first choice is JJC science, second being business studies in NP and third is business administration in SP. :$ Anyway, work has been fun!! Took photos with them too!! :* Stalk my twitter for more updates of work life, because right, ya know, everyday we talk about different things and everyday got different lunch clique and always change counter etc.. HEHEEHEHEHEHE! :p But just to briefly explain, been having lunch for the past few days with YunMei ZhenDong Jason @GermaibeJIEMIN @tweetchekwei. v(^_^v)Even had r/s Q&A. with Charmaine @tweetchekwei KimChye @Ernestongch @StellarChew!! (⌒-⌒; ) My dearest Christine Ryan came to visit today!! *heart melts* ok, imma post the photos but as you know, lazy hazel, so I won't be placing them accordingly, well im blogging by phone. /: kthxbai, last two days of work, ohhmaitian!! T.T