Friday, January 6

#14. No baby, you are the one and only

Hello! ☺ Doing an update before I head to bed!!! ^_^ Gotta wake up early for work tomorrow!! )-: Anyway, my attachment was rather nice as mentioned previously, got the serious urge to transfer back to Jaypee after knowing about all the confusing promotions going on at EXPO. /: Surprisingly, my first day at work was pretty nice and time past kinda quickly tbh. :-) Three girls came to visit YunMei & I while we were working, how sweet right! :* So to give you guys some info, im working with this guy who is even more blur than me ( LOL ) and we are surrounded by three other counters, I work in the morning shift while his is in the afternoon. ^_^ My colleagues aren't actually unfriendly but I guess just shy. HEHEHEHEHEHE! :$ truth be told, I only have two snapshots xy took but I will update my blog soon again ok!! Come visit me at EXPO HALL 4!! ♡♡ goodnight lovelies!! xx