Tuesday, January 3

#13. Give me everything tonight

Hi people!! ☺☺ Got home a while ago from my first day of work, pretty fun!! v ( ^_^v ) Firstly, Happy Birthday to my girls!! Lihshian, YunMei, WeiEn & Athirah! ♡♡ Secondly, imma post on alternate days or so because im working from now till 16th so i guess i can't take much photos thus my blog will be filled with repeated wordy post hence nobody would come and view, therefore this temporary decision.

Headed down to Jaypee at about 9+ and rushed like mad only to know that the manager got the wrong key. #notfunnysia Opened the cashier and helped to pack clothes which was the last thing on earth i want to do. /: Had lunch with Fash ( a really nice girl who came to work during her break from studying in Aus ) . Chitchatted most of my time away with her and qt Hwee Peng as I sabo Germaine ( sorry la, still love you many kays! ) to do price tagging. :p But sweeswee, the manager ask me go pack red packet, nice one. )-': && came this dude ( name kept secret so that he won't kill me even though we won't be working together as he not heading to EXPO. HAHAHAHAHAHA! ) who fails-in-mental-calculation-despite-taking-POA to work with me and we repeatedly count the same box for three times because he can't multi task while talking to me. #orhkcan The girls @Koolgerl95 Alissa dropped by to look for me to write a card for our dear YunMei and i was ranting to them, as usual. HEHEHEHEHE! :p Ended work slightly late because I was a nice girl and help him finish the third (two hundred per box ) box. HEHEHEEHE! :$ Tbh, OT got more money. BleahhBleahh! :$ Headed to @SmellMyFart's birthday celebration with @Koolgerl95. Had dinner and went home shortly after. :-) ok, on a side note, imma make gayboy95 & this dude come visit me at EXPO, ikr so smart!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :p on the other side note ( LOL ), slightly regretted choosing to work at EXPO because the people there seems scary and i will miss working with the girls plus i was a dumb person who forgot to take photos with them #orhkcan. )-': kthxbai.

This photo above look weird right! Thats her artificial big mole. HAHAHAHAHA!

Ending off, my boys, big time rush. xoxo