Sunday, January 1

#12. Happy 2012, make it the best.

Heyheyhey!! ☺☺ Its the first day of 2012, meaning its a brand new year!! ^_^ Might do a little slight adjustment to my blog layout if possible because i find it pretty boring ( maybe thats why nobody like to visit. ☹ ) and common. /: Anyway, headed out for Party World w/ @AwesomeZiWei @AwesomeDoraemon ( on the first day of the year so as to start it wild ) after my mum inspect the state of messiness in my room ( she made me pack it but it's still bloody hell messy so i guess its plain pointless ) which was the reason why i was late for an hour. *cries* Fooled around, sang songs, chitchatted a little and laughed a lot. Went to meet @DoubleUPdoubleU aftermath and settled our dinner at Ajisen. *drools* Was a goodgirl as i helped my parents to packet food home ( first time ever after sixteen years, paiseh or what :$ ).

My 10 2012 Resolutions ( doing it for the first time ever!! ) :
  1. Get satisfying O level results ( too late for that because exam is over but miracles do happen )
  2. Keep a bright smile on the ugly face 24/7 365
  3. Save up more money instead of spending every single little bit that i have ( $2000 in bank by end of year! )
  4. Get into a great JC / poly ( still have to study even though world might end what!! )
  5. Make new true friends & also keep in contact with those i have now ( i also human, will get lonely and need people to talk to right! )
  6. Good working environment & colleagues for any future jobs ( i scared kana bully / left out can anot T.T )
  7. Get a boyfriend, maybe a year or two older than me ?? ( people lonely ma, sad right, ok la, joking but ya know, having a boyf ain't bad but being single is also the sweetest thing ever, anyw its just a thought nothing much, will fulfill if fate permits. )
  8. Have more readers for my blog, followers on twitter / tumblr & more questions on formspring ( *winkwink* pleaseplease. )
  9. Have a better complexion and body outline ( hazel don't deny that she is too vain to be true )
  10. WANT everybirdie i know to stay happy & make 2012 the best there is!! ♡♡

Ending off, xoxo.