Sunday, December 4

#1. New beginning

HeyHey!! Im officially 16 years old!! ♥♥ Great thanks to those who wished me, be it on twitter facebook whatsapp or text! (spam hearts!) Had a blast at party world together with @AwesomeZiwei @FuZhaoRong @DoubleUPdoubleU Alissa. ☺& what's a birthday without dinner together with the family right? :* Not to forget those who came over to celebrate my birthday on Friday!! <3 Some real bad quality photo from my phone's front camera. The other photos are in Michelle's camera.

Had Graduation Night on the 17th November, pretty nice. ت Took a large amount of photos and are all uploaded on my facebook! ;) Enjoyed and didnt regret going. ^_^

Ohya!!! I worked at bookfest the other day with @Darylownage @UltramanTCrest @HanPangSai Christine Elaine Daniel Clarence Nicholas Meikie YuhYan and some others. ^_^ It was the best decision i ever made!! ☃☃ Forever fooling around and slacking. :p Hope to work together with them again! oh wait, got interview tomorrow. HEHEHEHEHE! :$

Ok, the main reason for this blog is because i wanna start anew, as you can see from the heading. Im 16 already, i've finish my secondary education. Its now time to move to another phase in life. :) I don't want to dwell on the past, whats left of it is the best of it. No point you get me? ;) So i have changed everything to kisseslikedrug, my twitter my blog url yadayada.. Therefore, stop searching for my old link, thankyou!! ♥♥ Sorry for the long post and my blogskin cause im still in the process of editing, left a bit here and there. ): ): Goodnight! :*