Thursday, December 29

#9. You were all that I ever dreamt about

HELLO!! ☺♡ Started my day with the usual battle of the survival of alarm clock routine. v ( ^.^ v ) Rushed to prepare and headed for my briefing with YunMei!! Settled some admin stuff and got a lift from JunFang's dad to Marina Square for our second round of briefing ( totally drowning in long briefings ) at John Little. ): The thing is, I got pestered like seriously by this woman who was trying to sell me some on promotion 90 bucks nail products. ._. So, we manage to get away just in time for our briefing in this not commonly known dolphin room situated at an "Authorized Personnel Only" corner. HEHEHEHEHEHE!! :$ Saw a fellow bookfest cashier guy friend!! ^_^ Got another chunk of admin stuff settled together with our light purple polo and punch card plus tag!! :D Headed home shortly after and tbh, was dead beat from listening to all the same stuff being said. /: KTHXBAI!! Imma head to town tomorrow after my training!! :*