Wednesday, December 28

#8. Kiss me under the pouring rain. ��

Heyho!! ☺☺ Busy day!! I met up with a number of people today because of briefing and training tomorrow and the day after!! ☹ Boohoo!! ☹ Therefore a REALLY long post with photos placed accordingly. ^_^ Snoozed my four five minutes apart alarms for a million times again while wriggling in bed. ^_^ Took a long time to prepare and changed at least three outfits, ok vain I know. ¬_¬ In the end, I decided on the outfit below ( ikr, liddat i also need decide for so long, but sadly i very vain la kays ) and had my hands dressed like a Xmas tree!! :* Was at town the earliest even though I was late for an hour, can you believe it!!? *faints* && this @DoubleUPdoubleU still burnt her sleeve while ironing her uniform. LAWLS!! Went to wheelock place SPECIALLY for somebody's gift and nearly got lost ( don't laugh until you read the next word ) AGAIN!! ._. Met the girls for like a quarter of a quarter of an hour. ^_^ Met gayboy95 for lunch at Wisma for lunch ( more of me daydreaming and him eating ) even though he work at ION. #orhkcan Went back to meet the girls for shopping session instead of @UltramanTCrest @LaiFongYin at vivo ( too lazy to travel alone ) as he went home. Headed home at about 5 and damn my phone was close to flat. ): Went to jaypee next to meet @GinaChee and I was early!! #miracle Had Mac for dinner and lingered around chitchatting till its time to head home. :*

Ending off, xoxo