Tuesday, December 27

#7. Will we last if I said I love you?

Hello!! ☺☺ Im so happy to get my John Little job!! *\(^o^)/* Met up with my girls @Ju_ith @jeslynleh Alissa. ♡♡ Helped dad with the mirror thingy first and it chipped!! :@ :@ Left home for IMM and nooooo, it started raining. Stayed in delifrance before deciding on West Coast Park. They were so into reliving their childhood while I just took an insanely large amount of photos. ^_^ We met this eleven years old boy which had the annoying orange's laughter!! We cranked up pretty bad!! Hahahahahaha!! :p Had Mac for dinner and headed home!! ♔ Heading to town tomorrow i guess? /: But my dear girl haven't get back to me yet!! )-: Maybe i should go meet gayboy95. HEHEHEHHEHE!! :$ Sorry if the photos are messy, blogging by phone. /: kthxbai!! :* Do ask me questions on formspring to make me happy at least knowing that I'm not talking to myself here ok!! http://formspring.me/kisseslikedrug