Wednesday, December 21

#4. People who know you won't judge you

Heyhey!! CHRISTMAS IN FOUR DAYS!!♥ Out to town after what seems like 123456789 years!! ^_^ Nearly sprained my ankle though, malu. :$ Went for an interview first with lovelies, hope all of us get it like prettypretty please!! )-: Changed into dress and headed to astons for late lunch early dinner (lun-ner LOL.) with @jeslynleh @AwesomeZiWei because it's our pretty's 16th birthday!! ♡♡ Headed to Far East and seriously I thought I was lost ok!! No joke! Called @Ju_ith for help. Lawls!! /: Met @Ju_ith @JasmineLHQ @UltramanTCrest YunMei and two of J's friend who are really nice & friendly!! ☺☺ Wanted to get Royce chocolate but the queue was insanely long so all I can do now is weep! )-': Trained home with @UltramanTCrest and chatted up! :) All for today, I know boring la but well, I try to live life to the fullest!! ^_^ kthxbai.