Saturday, December 31

#11. Dont get hurt by someone who doesn't love you anymore

LAST DAY OF 2011!! ☺☹ Shall do a little write up which yes, will be damn wordy kays? /: Shall upload photos of me from different years to do some comparison. :$ :$

Started 2011 pretty ok, nice class great friends good boyf a devilish examination to take and the awesome job opportunity given. But all's well ends well.

3B'10 was just a class but 4B'11 is so much more, we were a class that bonded together through thick and thin, we were a class that put aside our differences and stayed together and we were definitely a class the teachers will remember for life. Even though we always complain about our teachers, classmates and rules but we always invite the teachers to outing and we always team up to win all sort of different medals be it big or small. However, we still break all hell rules and party like wild. Well, we have finally finished our O levels and had a nice chalet, so I guess that's a awesome fullstop to 4B'11. :-)

I had great friends all along, be it true or fake, it started to stop mattering after a while. This year I realize that having a lot of friend's does not make you cooler or better but instead makes you feel even more lonely. I do wonder, how many people am I actually close enough with to share my problems whole heatedly with them? After the huge commotion, I realise who is real and who is fake. I like to make friends with people that don't know me in real life because that way they can't judge. We jump too fast to conclusion with the appearance that we don't tend to listen with our heart anymore. I've learnt that looking by your heart to find the right friendship always last longer than looking with your eyes. :-)

My only job this year was during popular bookfest 2011! Got to admit that I was pretty shaken up with the whole cashier job and procedures but everything went well for me!! Got to know many great people like Christine Elaine GayBoy95 Joel Jass Nicholas etc.. with Ryan Daryl. Had F.U.N even though its just five days and yes, it helped to train my leg too afterall i was standing for twelve hours a day. Was pretty sad that the job ended and we all had to part but the great thing was whatsapp and the outings with them.

Ok, so my relationship, its bad, real bad but i cant deny that i enjoyed those sweet times however, even the sweetest chocolate expires. I guess it just shows that our time together is up and yes we should move on. The real reason behind everything is pretty obvious for those who know but for those who don't, i guess you don't actually lose out on anything. Well, we dated for two years or one year six months ( which ever you fancy ) and yes, we quarreled a lot but he was also tbh the sweetest boyf on earth. I actually do regret but regret gets me no where, so why not make your life better and make him regret losing you instead? HEHEHEHEHE! :$ I still contact him time and again because i don't normally put my attention span on one person for so long if he ain't special, futhermore i really trust him a lot and we can always still be friends because no, i don't repeat the same sentence twice so as to dating. :-)

Lastly, about me. Got to admit, I changed a lot. Im different around different people and act dress differently just like how my status changes. But i treat everyone truly so if you doubt me, i guess there is nothing more for me to say. Alright, yes i know, im a flirt a whore a bitch a slut and whatever names you like to call, i play this game as though its three meals a day but when i fall in love, its always too deep too fast and sadly too hard. But im born this way to be who im today, whatcha gonna do about it? v ( ^_^ v )






Ending off, kisseslikedrug. xoxo