Friday, December 30

#10. Lying is not a crime, being dishonest is.

Heyhey!! ♡☮ My blogger crashed and didn't save my post so i gotta retype all my crap!! )-': Sorry for the unorganized photos!! /: Headed to training today at Changi ( omg! Far right!! Yeah ~ tell me about it! ) with my soon-to-be workmates like YunMei ZhenDong Germaine JingYi etcetc, gonna be a hell of a two weeks with them!! <3 We each got a double mcspicy thick ( ok joking but its thick enough to scare ) manual home to understand and memorize. *dread* Headed to town to meet two dudes, @UltramanTCrest @Darylownage & saw pretty girl @playgforlove on the train!! ^_^ Was searching for my cheap black flats that the job require rules to be strictly followed. )-: Caught Mission Impossible and shall rate it 4.5/5 because I think some parts where draggy? /: But overall it's a pretty awesome movie!! <3 Tbh, its my first time ( suaku i know )eating pastamania and i treated bro because I'm a good sis!! *thumbs up* Okay, heading to Malaysia tomorrow which is the last day of 2011. :*

" In life, there are a lot of regrets, don't let them being you down because for every fallen tear makes a stronger girl. :-) "
" We have to stop grieving in order to continue loving, because to stop chasing the wrong guy is to give the right guy a chance to chase you. :-) "